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Tea Gifts for Every Type of Tea Lover

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Tea Gifts for Every Type of Tea Lover

It's that special time of year! If you're wondering what to get your favorite tea lover for the holidays, I've compiled a list of suggestions from the beginner to the more advanced tea geek, and everyone in-between. Of course, a whole list of tea vendors as well! So let's bring on the gifts:

For Those Working From Home

Small Tea Tray: I have this exact tea tray in my office, and it's the perfect size for gongfu tea on a desk. I also like that it doesn't have any images or logos on it. Plain and simple!

Zens Travel Set: I have used this little travel set for years, and it's perfect for desk tea. It's small, easy to clean, and fun to use. I also like the minimalist design.

Small Teapot Set If you'd prefer to gift a teapot and cups but your recipient doesn't have much space, a travel set is a good option. This one also comes with a storage case to keep it safe and organized when not in use.

Travel Gaiwan Set: If a gaiwan is what you're looking for, again a travel set is a good option. It comes with everything needed for gongfu-style tea, and has a storage case.

Small Tea Kettle: If your gift recipient has room on a desk for a kettle, this one has a small footprint, and you can set your desired temperature. I've had this one for years and it doesn't disappoint.

Insulated Tea Tumbler: If having a kettle by a desk isn't an option, an insulated tumbler like this is a good way to go. I have a few of these that I keep by my desk, and they keep the water hot all day long, ready to brew up tea any time I need it. It comes in many colors and sizes.

For The Tea Beginner

Basic Teapot: A small teapot with a removable strainer is a great way to start a tea journey. I love that these pots come in cheerful colors. I have one I use almost every day when I'm in the office.

Matcha set: If you know anyone that wants to start whisking their own matcha, this set is a great way to start, and it has all the tools they'll need.

Basic Gaiwan: A sturdy gaiwan set with cups like this one is a good starter set. It's not too delicate which makes it a little less intimidating to use. Plus it has thick walls which won't burn fingers quite as easily, and comes with two cups. 

For Anyone That Needs Tea Storage

Tea Storage Box: I was recently gifted this box for review, and it's proving to be quite handy. It is beautifully made and the compartments are roomy. You can also take out the dividers and use it to store larger packages of tea or tea cakes. I decided to store cups in the compartments, since I have so many and they're tough to keep safe. It makes a lovely gift.

Small Tea Storage Jar: I have a few of these small jars in different colors and they are perfect for storing small amounts of loose leaf tea. They are airtight and attractive.


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